Resurrection: The Rise of Kings

John Roberson, a true visionary, has done research that is sure to cause debate and make us rethink a lot of the things we’ve been taught. The truth has been hidden for far too long, and this one-act play aims at setting the record straight. It will surely set your soul on fire and challenge the change that you and I want to see.
This one-act play is a fun, full-throttle, heart-pounding, soul-stirring musical which is evidence based and inspiring. Mikanda Resurrection: The Rise of Kings is aimed at making a positive change and restoring a legacy that was lost, and in most cases, stolen!
Enjoyable for the whole family.


Resurrection: The Rise of Kings

About Us

Home of the original Kings and Queens

Who we are

The origins of greatness are located between the ears of the human head, situated between the left and right halves of the hemispheric brain. In the distant past, a great people possessed the knowledge that once ruled the planet and universe.  The infinite wisdom and power source was called Mibrainium and it was taken for granted. It was this wisdom that fell into the wrong hands and was allowed to diminish the original man to a beast-like state.

A worldly power struggle ensued for this coveted wisdom, spawning different philosophies and civilizations. Mibrainium was now controlled by the ruling class. Because the source was taken from the common man, all parts of human life was affected, from great too small. Realizing they lost the true source of their wisdom, technology, scientific marvels and innovations, the humans must do whatever it takes to reclaim the destiny they once owned.

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It’s been a long time coming but it is finally here. Mikanda One Act Play will be something you don’t want to miss. A documentary filled with music that is sure to not only entertain, but educate with a purpose. Please join me in helping to educate our children they way they need.
Not only will it benefit them, it will benefit you as well!!!

John Roberson

Mikanda Universe, CEO

Our Performances

Mikanda Resurrection will be like no other play you have ever seen!

Performance time

The VIP show will be a musical masterpiece!
Saturday, February 29 at 8PM

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The doors open an hour before showtime. There will be an opportunity to purchase Mikanda merchandise and gifts.

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  • Documented Musical Performance
  • Rows 13-17
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  • Documented Musical Performance
  • Rows 1-6
  • Pre Show Shopping
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